Rules of Essay Competition

Submissions Closed

ESSAY TOPIC: Resolving Conflicting Treaty-Based International Obligations

We are running late on the release of the results due to the high volume. We sincerely apologize for this delay. The results will now be announced on the 3rd of April, 2021

UPDATE: Due to the demand of our sponsors on maintaining the competitiveness of the competition, only the first place will be publicized on our platforms.

  1. The competition is open to postgraduate and undergraduate students of Law, Political Science and International Relations/Studies of Nigerian Universities.
  2. Candidates submissions must conform to the following rules:
  3. Only font 12, 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman fonts are acceptable
  4. Maximum of 3500 words duly referenced with footnotes
  5. All documents must be typeset and converted to PDF Format
  6. All submissions must contain an  abstract of  not less than 150 words and a succinct but detailed conclusion
  7. Other than the submissions itself, no additional information such as age, watermarks, designs etc. should be placed on the essay submissions.
  8. All submissions by candidates who have completed their essays are to be uploaded through the relevant channel provided on this page.
  9. Submissions/Entries to be attached are to be saved in the names of candidates with surnames appearing first.
  10. Essays to uploaded are to be in (PDF Format Only). Also, the picture of the candidate should be attached in the column titled ‘Candidate Image’.
  11. After attaching/choosing the desired entry/completed essay from your device. The document will be automatically attached.
  12. Successful submissions will receive an automatically generated mail in their email address supplied.
  13. Entries start only 12:00 am on the 13th of February and ends 11:59pm 16th of March 2021
  14. Final year students who are haven’t convoked before the 16th of March are eligible to participate.
  15. All essays must be original, factual and up to date and will be checked for plagiarism.
  16. Essays shall be read, judged and graded by independents panelists carefully chosen by the Administrators.
  17. Announcement of the top  Essay  will be duly communicated via our different social media handles.
  18. Top prize winners shall be reached out to and their accounts credited accordingly on the 1st of April, 2020
  19. As an additional incentive, the essays of the top 10 candidates will be published on the Journal of Advanced Public International Law.
  20. In the interim you are advised to get acquainted with the other features, functions and services that LAWTERACT offers.
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