4th Lawteract Essay Writing Competition

NEWS: Our independent reviewers are behind schedule on the grading because of the volume of entries (2,635 entries).

We apologize for the delay and hope to get the best out of the review.

A new date for the review will be communicated very soon.

Thank you.



  1. The competition is open to only postgraduate and undergraduate students of Law, Political Science and International Relations/Studies of Nigerian Universities.
  2. Candidates submissions must conform to the following rules:
  3. Only font 12, 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman fonts are acceptable
  4. Minimum of 3000 words (excluding references) duly referenced with footnotes with special bias for OSCOLA style.
  5. All documents must be typeset in doc docx. Format
  6. All submissions must contain a brief abstract and a succinct but detailed conclusion.
  7. Other than the submissions itself, no additional information such as age, watermarks, designs etc should be placed on the essay submissions.
  8. All submissions by candidates who have completed their essays are to be uploaded on the designated page by following the under listed steps:
  9. Log on to LAWTERACT.COM.NG and locate the Menu Bar
  10. Click on the ‘Blog’ Menu and find ‘4th LAWTERACT ANNUAL ESSAY COMPETITION’.
  11. Fill in the necessary information solicited in the checkboxes for easy sorting and identification by the administrators, most especially the name, university name and email address
  12. Submissions/Entries are to be saved in the names of candidates with surnames appearing first.
  13. Upload the completed essay (Doc., Docx Format Only) by clicking the upload button
  14. After attaching the submission and uploading, click on Submit.
  15. Entries start only 12:00 am on the 1st of September and ends 11:59pm 30th of September 2022
  16. Non convoked final year students are eligible
  17. Any essay(s) submitted on or before the authorized dates will be discountenanced.
  18. All essays must be original, factual and up to date and shall be checked for plagiarism.
  19. Essays shall be read, judged and graded by independent panelists carefully chosen by the Administrators.
  20. Announcement of the top Essay Winners for each category will be duly communicated via email on same made public on our social media handles (LinkedIn and Instagram)
  21. Top prize winners shall be reached out to and  their accounts credited accordingly on the 10th of October, 2022
  22. As an additional incentive, the essays of the top 10 candidates categories across the three will be published on the LAWTERACT official website.
  23. Please note that Lawteract reserves the full copyright to your research entries and such may not be published on any other platform except with the express consent of Lawteract.
  24. In the interim you are advised to get acquainted with the other features, functions and services that LAWTERACT offers.

Category 1: The Role of the African Union in De-escalating the Effects of the Ukraine-Russian Crisis
Category 2: The Role of the Nigerian Lawyer in the Metaverse
Category 3: Resolving Smart Contract Disputes through Blockchain Arbitration: Legal & Tech Perspectives 



  1. 100k for the winners of each category.
  2. Consolation Prizes  & Certificate of Participation
  3. Publication Offers with the Journal of Advanced Public International Law (JAPIL)


  • Submissions : September 1st- September 30t, 2022
    T&C applies

17 thoughts on “4th Lawteract Essay Writing Competition”

  1. Olumilua oluwaTomide

    I’m oluwaTomide Olumilua an international law and diplomacy student and I’d love to take on this essay and see how well I’m able to express my view on the Role of the African union in De escalating the Effects of the Russian Ukraine crisis

  2. when is the deadline for the submission of the essay written? on the lawteract Instagram page the date fixed is 20th of September, while here the date fixed is 30th of September.

  3. Good day,

    I just wanted to make an enquiry as to if submissions could still be made. The Google docs link is still active. Thank you in advance for your prompt response.

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