Law, the Fading Bride: An Ode

By Taiwo Abiodun-Oni

Studying law, once considered a prestigious and highly sought-after profession, is now facing a decline in popularity and prestige. So, here is an ode to the course we love so much in the hope that it reclaims its glory.

An ode to law, a fading bride,
A course of study, once held with pride.
But now, its luster seems to fade,
And students ask, “Is it worth the trade?”

Gone are the days when law was king,
A noble pursuit, a royal ring.
But now, its allure is on the wane,
And students search for more lucrative gain.

The lengthy briefs, the endless forms,
The tedious research, the endless norms.
It’s enough to make a student sigh,
And wonder why they didn’t choose the sky.

The courts are slow, the trials long,
The justice system, where right and wrong.
Seem lost in legal jargon’s fog,
And leave students feeling like they’ve hit a log.

But still, for those who persevere,
The rewards of law, they will be clear.
For those who love to argue and fight,
Law will be their shining light.

So here’s to law, a fading bride,
A course of study, still by our side.
May it once again, reclaim its grace,
And once again, put a smile on our face.

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