Matriarchy has had its fun..

By Abiodun-Oni Taiwo

The past year has painted an unflattering portrait of a society wavering under the weight of matriarchal structures. Esteemed football icons like Neymar, C.Ronaldo, Mason Greenwood, and Benjamin Mendy have been ensnared in the viscous web of false accusations, enduring a relentless onslaught of psychological torment and financial hemorrhage. Even though their innocence was eventually affirmed, the scars of their ordeal remain indelibly etched in their psyche, raising the critical question – can they ever truly regain their former selves?

Since time immemorial, the narrative of mankind has been crafted under the shadow of the patriarchal quill. Yet, recent epochs bear witness to a seismic shift as feminist ideologues and the ascent of matriarchal constructs endeavor to destabilize the unyielding fortress of patriarchy. This paradigm shift, however, births an array of unintended repercussions that assail the robustness and moral fabric of our communities.

The dawn of matriarchy and extreme feminist ideologies have midwifed a disconcerting trend, where unfounded accusations of sexual transgressions are eagerly swallowed, skewing the scales of justice brutally against the accused. The staggering impact of these indictments and their ruinous aftermath for the accused belies an undeniable perversion of power. The system appears more inclined to shield the accusers than the accused, irrespective of veracity. In the fervor to rectify the transgressions of patriarchal societies, the pendulum has swung excessively towards the opposite extreme, reflecting a troubling power imbalance that matriarchy was purported to rectify.

A more insidious repercussion is the culture of silence it shackles men with, a disheartening paradox considering that the feminist movement was conceived, in part, to dismantle the corresponding culture of silence foisted upon women in patriarchal societies. The suppression of men’s voices, their narratives, and emotional revelations have simply replaced one form of oppression with another. By espousing a narrative that discourages men’s expressions of vulnerability, we gamble with perpetuating the very gender inequities that these movements strive to redress.

Moreover, the advocacy for matriarchy and extremist feminist interpretations seem to have eroded the conventional ideals of discipline that are often linked with masculine roles. This discipline – rooted in principles of responsibility, accountability, and restraint – serves as the bedrock of stability for families and society at large. This inadvertent erosion of discipline risks nurturing a generation inadequately armed to tackle the rigors of life, breeding a populace less resilient and more egocentric.

Therefore, it remains beyond dispute that “Patriarchy, even in its most formidable form, is akin to the tumultuous sea that tempers and fortifies the vessel, while matriarchy, in its most utopian form, mirrors a tranquil lake that, though alluring, leaves the vessel ill-equipped for the tempestuous ocean’s fury. “The rigorous patriarchal hand, albeit coarse, resembles a blacksmith’s forge, sculpting and toughening iron into indispensable tools, while the delicate matriarchal touch, albeit tender, is akin to pliable clay, yielding yet incapable of retaining form under duress.”

The blurring of gender demarcations promoted by matriarchal constructs pose a disconcerting deviation from the natural and divine order. The insistence on homogeneity under the guise of equality overlooks the essential truth that men and women, whilst equal in dignity and rights, are intrinsically distinct. This diversity, defined by our biological and psychological dissimilarities, forms the cornerstone of our human existence, enabling the harmonious symbiosis of genders.

Even so, the rise of matriarchy and feminism represents a pivotal stride towards balancing societal power dynamics. Yet, it remains crucial to curb the negative implications that may arise from extreme interpretations of these movements. Society must strike a balance, where neither men nor women are muzzled or marginalized, where baseless accusations confront real repercussions, and where discipline is not a casualty. Rather than supplanting patriarchy with matriarchy, the objective should be to foster a society grounded in respect, equality, and balance. It is through this, we can align with nature’s blueprint and guarantee a healthier society for all.

Indeed, “even a barren, patriarchal winter, in all its severity, yields more fruit than a matriarchal spring, as it compels the tree to conserve and bolster its roots, preparing it for a plentiful harvest.”

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