Note that without setting up your profile and getting verified, you cannot be visible to clients. All clients have been instructed to only deal with lawyers that have the green tick appearing in front of their names.

The green tick appears only when you have been verified.


The Lawteract App is on the Play store and App store and can be downloaded from any of these stores depending on the type of gadget you are using.


After downloading the Lawteract App, the next step is to create an account. There are options for the creation of accounts; you can choose to create an account with Google, Facebook or through the normal sign up process.

As a lawyer, make sure that it is the lawyer option that is selected before you go on to create an account.

N:B: The name to be used in signing up must correspond with the name on your bank account unless, withdrawals to the client’s account cannot be processed. Should in case sign up has already been completed, not to worry, you change as well correct your information in your settings.


The next step after creating an account is to set up your profile. Profile set up as a lawyer includes the following:

  1. Filling in your billing information (Account Number). Here you will put in your account number and the bank and click verify information. Wait for the database to process until your name is shown you can then go ahead to submit the information.

N.B: The name on your account must correspond with the name on your Lawteract Account.

  • Put up a profession picture on as your Display Picture. Please note that funny avatars or sexually explicit or offensive words and pictures are prohibited. It has been proven that persons who use their own pictures tend to get more briefs than persons who don’t.
  • Fill in your services offered. Here, you are to state expressly the services you offer and the prices that you are too charge for each services.

Services offered here can be in any of the following packages: Regular, Standard, and Premium. Similar services under each of these services would attract different price ranges but such price must be justifiable.

While setting up your services, you are expected to put in two sets of fees: The Professional Fees and the Logistic Fees.

The professional Fees is the Lawyers pre-rogative and any price can be fixed. However, the logistic fee is not and each and every monies amounting to the logistice fees must be justified and must be same with what obtains outside. Therefore, lawyers are advised to register for services that they are sure about as the Lawteract Admin reserves the full right to take down any account that violates this vital rule.

N:B- For the professional fees, Lawyers are encouraged not to place exorbitant prices. The affordability of legal services is one of the cardinal points on which the Lawteract platform is built.

Also, you will be required to put in a sample of the service you want to render (here, a screenshot of a sample document will suffice).

While setting up your profile, please make sure to include the following words:



Every Lawyer on the Lawteract marketplace is required to verify their profiles. To verify their profiles: NIN NO, Supreme Court No and picture of any valid means of identification are required to be filled in and submitted. When these information are submitted. The Admin will verify these information on the requisite databases and approve or disapprove the Lawyers verification.  Disapproval will be given with reasons.

To avoid going back and forth, the Lawyer must submit a clear picture unless approval will be with held; only PVC, NIN SLIP or National ID Card or International Passports are acceptable. University ID Cards, ATM Cards, Business Cards are not allowed.


At this stage, the registration is done, make sure your profile is properly optimized, positioned and attractive for clients to find and brief you.

Whenever a client sends a message to you, respond very politely with greetings at all times, this helps your client retention. This cannot be overemphasized.

The use of abusive languages or confrontations with clients will attract sanctions.


When you and the client have agreed on a price and you have been briefed, you are required to kindly inform the client to make payment (either full or part). When full payment is made, only the money that offsets the logistical fees is made available to you for immediate withdrawal while Lawteract holds the professional fees in escrow till the task is completed and marked as such by the client.

This may seem uncomfortable; however, this is to help preserve ours and your integrity.

Naturally, when part payment is made, it is made available to you to do all of the running around and to make statutory payments.


The delivery of the completed job should be made only when you full payment has been made by the client.

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