The LAWTERACT LEGAL AID PROJECT is a three goaled project that keys into SDG Goal No 16, seeking to decongest Nigerian Correctional Centers, provide free legal representations to indigent inmates as well as to ensure the sanctity of the Nigerian Criminal Justice System through sensitization on issues related to fundamental human rights.

This project kick starts, November 1st 2020. The project will cover states in South- western Nigeria and will make use of volunteer undergraduate students of law (as commissioned research interns/volunteers) and volunteer qualified practicing lawyers to execute the objectives of the project.


a. Applicant must be a graduate of a tertiary instituition in Nigeria (LL.B, B.L is an added advantage)

b. Applicant must have sizeable experience with voluteering

c. Applicant must have a natural flair for helping others

d. Applicant must possess excellent co-ordination, public speaking, english writing and ICT skills

e. Applicant must be abreast of the workings of the criminal justice system in Nigeria

f. Applicants must possess an excellent knowledge on fundamental human rights and other relevant state and federal laws related to the administration of criminal justice in Nigeria.

g. Applicant must be bold, fearless and respectful to authority

h. Preferably Female


a. Refund of out of pocket expenses

b. Commissions

c. others that come with the job

All interested persons should apply by sending an email to with the subject ‘APPLICATION FOR VOLUNTEER CO-ORDINATOR JOB‘ containing two Microsoft word documents 1. Applicants CV 2. Applicants Reason(s) for why he/she is the best.

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